Giacomo Sartori
trans. by Frederika Randall
from Anatomy of the Battle

Nao-Cola Yamazaki
trans. by Polly Barton
Fossil Candy
An Imaginary Band History
Let People Buy You Lunch

A Totally New Kind of Umbrella
Logic and Sensitivity Are Not Incompatible


François Ayroles
trans. by Edward Gauvin
from Notes Mésopotamiennes

Andrea Cohen
To the Woman Going Up the Escalator at Columbus Circle at Five-Thirty Last Evening
Coming in From the Cold
In the Middle of the Stone
First Love

Raylyn Clacher
First Date
The Husband Go-Round
How to Get Rid of Flies

Tiana Clark
After Apollo
After Orpheus

Pamela Sue Hitchcock
The Day My Father's Shop Towels
Went to School with Me

Maryann Corbett
An Ancient in First-Year Greek

Will Schutt
Three Ghosts

Masaoka Shiki
trans. by Howard Norman
with Kazumi Tanaka
Eight Haiku

Ahmad Shamlou
trans. by Sholeh Wolpé

George David Clark
Black Igloo

Sidney Wade
Bird Words

Eric Smith
The Mercy Dancers


J. Robert Lennon
Circuit City

Sigrid Nunez
Innocent Mistakes

Alicia D. Ortega
How Soon is Now?

Maurice Carlos Ruffin
You Can Run



Hasanthika Sirisena



Rick Barot
Broken Mirror Against Tree Trunk

Valzhyna Mort

Ishion Hutchinson
The Marl Prophet
The Prospector's Visit
Orpheus Returns

Bethany Schultz Hurst
Poem in the Shape of John Wayne’s Stomach Cancer

Kim Garcia
Meditation on a Gorky Painting Titled by Breton
Another Thing Invisible to the Eye
You Mentioned the Future, After Lovemaking

Angela Voras-Hills
Controlled Burn

Emily Rose Cole
Nocturne with Witch & Desire

Kaveh Akbar
The Lilies You Brought Home Were Truly Lovely But

Stephen Kessler
Awaiting My Wreath at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Kim Hyesoon
trans. by Don Mee Choi
Such Painful Hallucination, Day Forty
Name, Day Forty-Two

Amit Majmudar
Chillicothe Apostrophe
Corporate Cormorant

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