Cover photo by JeeYoung Lee

Cover photo by JeeYoung Lee



Quinn Lewis
Small Animal Bones

Song Lin
trans. by Dong Li
Two Poems
— Autumn Whispers
A Walk Down Montmartre

Fady Joudah
Kissing Ulcers

Tyree Daye
Two Poems
Ode to Small Towns
— Ode to a Common Clothes Moth

Najwan Darwish
trans. by Kareem James Abu Zeid
Two Poems
— A Tune
I Know Nothing

TR Brady
graveyard in winter

Andrea Cohen

R. Parthasarathy
In a Hill Station, South India, 1919

Jessica Goodfellow
Two Poems
— Uncertain Cento
— Mind/Body Problem Cento

Francisco Urondo
trans. by Julia Leverone
Two Poems
Salvadore Allende Died
— Cardinality

Franny Choi
Two Poems
— Jaebal
— You’re So Paranoid

Jess E. Jelsma

A Cold War

Alyson Hagy
Two Stories
— Heron
How WIll You Live Now?

Maria Kochis
Seals Are My Favorite Animal

Tara Isabel Zambrano
Two Stories
— Up and Up


Tomas Tranströmer
trans. by Patty Crane
Six Poems
— At the Work’s Edges
— The Name
— Start of a Late Autumn Night’s Novel
— Answer to Letters
Icelandic Hurricane

Chanda Feldman
University Market

Tacey M. Atsitty
The Warbler

Leona Sevick

Mariangela Gualtieri
trans. by Olivia E. Sears
Three Untitled Poems

Erika Meitner
Welcome to Fear City: A Survival Guide

Bob Hicok
Four Poems
Maybe I shouldn’t write the cheers, just iron the uniforms instead
— An undervalued part of the skill set
— You sit on a roof because that’s where stars look for you first

Yuri Izdryk
trans. by Roman Ivashkiv & Erín Moure

Uxío Novoneyra
trans. by Erín Moure
Untitled Poem


Lara Moreno
trans. by Kate Whittemore
Save Yourselves

Caitlin Horrocks

Eva Taylor
trans. by Olivia E. Sears
The Day We Fled

Ha Seong-nan
trans. by Janet Hong
The Retreat

Bae Suah
trans. by Janet Hong
The Dream of a Child Before She Was Set on Fire


Najem Wali
trans. by Peter Theroux
Three Pillars of Wisdom

Barret Baumgart
Go Be Forgotten

Katherine Min
Two Essays
— On Form
On Things


trans. by Janet Hong
from Picture Diary Two

Danica Novgorodoff