Cover photo by Louis Helbig

Cover photo by Louis Helbig



Cynthia Cruz
Two Poems
— Self Portrait: Lake Constance
Self Portrait with Face Covered in Tiny White Diamonds

Katrin Ottarsdóttir
trans. by Matthew Landrum
& Sámal Soll
The Suicide

Mike Soto
The Dead Women of Sumidero

Claude Wilkinson
Winter Field White with Snow Geese

Eric Pankey
Incidental Objects on a Minor Planet

Kathleen Winter
The MRI tech said

Amaud Johnson
Three Poems
The Doo-Wop
Black Dragons
— Smokey

Josh Myers
I’ll Know It’s Winter When I Can’t Feel
My Hands

Maya Bejerano
trans. by Tsipi Keller

Eleanor Stanford
My Husband and My Lover Having
a Beer Together

Derek Otsuji
Among the More Innocent Touristic Amusements of the Old Waikiki

Eric McHenry

trans. by M.L. Martin

Corrie Williamson
Chestnut Sabbath

Nicole Brossard
trans. by Sylvain Gallais
& Cynthia Hogue
Two Poems
— from Cities really
Cities with a thought that returns

Kate Simonian


Bragi Ólafsson
trans. by Lytton Smith
The Third Shot Glass

Farah Ali
Loved Ones

Keija Parssinen
The Pearl Diver’s Son

Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint
State of Exception

Edward Gauvin & Claire Stephens


Heather Christle
Three Poems
— After Church
— You Said You Weren’t a Brontosaurus but You Had Never Watched Yourself Eating Lettuce.

Jerzy Ficowski
trans. by Jennifer Grotz
& Piotr Sommer

Two Poems
— Getting out of the Mirror
The Initial

Khaled Mattawa
Five Poems
Psalm of Departure
— Psalm under Siege
Agadez Blues
— Psalm under Siege
— Tripoli Days

Allison Adair
Rose Garden at Villa Grimaldi

Sandra Beasley
Long John Silver’s

Kinga Tóth
trans. by Timea Balogh
Corn Songs

Chelsea Dingman
After His Mother Dies, My Husband Calls a Suicide Hotline at 3 a.m.

Melissa Range
Three Poems
Benjamin Lundy Publishes Volume 2, Issue 4 of The Genius of Universal Emancipation on Elihu Embree’s Old Printing Press, Greeneville, Tennessee, April 1822
— James G. Birney, Editor of the
Philanthropist, Is Faily Egged off the Ground after a Meeting of the Ohion Anti-Slavery Society, Granville, Ohio, 1836
John Greenleaf Whittier Argues with Himself about the Uses of Force in the Abolitionist Cause, 1861

Fabián Severo
trans. by Jesse Lee Kercheval & Laura Cesarco Eglin
from Night in the North

Marco Yan


Bernard Quiriny
trans. by Edward Gauvin
Black Tides

René Steinke
The Field

Peter Orner
Three Stories

Ivana Bodrožić
trans. by Ellen Elias-Bursać
No Room


María Sonia Cristoff
trans. by Katherine Silver
The Dogs of Cañadón Seco


Anneli Furmark
trans. by Hanna Strömberg


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